Dream House Concept

Create Your Dream House

We will help you to create your dream house. To fulfil your dream, we have the best solution for you, by new creations, planning and presenting the results

How will this work?

We will come around and arrange a meeting with you. There we will discuss your ideas, proposals and creations., and view the rooms where your dream will start and much more. After gathering all the ideas, suggestions, we will create 2 different portfolios for you (depending on requirements) and arrange a meeting to present them to you. Also, we discuss potential changes or combinations so we meet your expectations 100%.

The DREAM-HOUSE Concept will include:

  • 2 Starter Meetings
  • 2 different Portfolios
  • Themed rooms
    • Jungle style
    • African style
    • Animal prints
    • Modern style
  • Selection of colour-theme
  • Selection of decoration and furniture
  • Budget planning of:
    • Your refurbishment
    • Painting
    • Redecoration