Jaqueline Shaw.

Certified Master Painter and Varnisher
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We at company ‘Shaw’ are driven by passion and with a great enthusiasm to handcraft we set the perfect guidelines for our family based business. Through professionalism to quality, we will bring your dreams to life.

  • Quality ○
  • Reliability ○
  • Professionalism

What We Do

Interior Design

We design your house from top to bottom with you. With an eye for detail, we help create your space unique and cater to all your design needs. If only a room or a full house we will create the most comfortable atmosphere from walls up to your furniture.

Our Services

Colour Schemes

The atmosphere is created by the colours you choose and it creates the well-being, and emotions in a room.


Different techniques mean rooms can be arranged individually and to great effect.


Glazing has been a common practice for centuries, such as watercolour painting, wood coating and wall designs.


Using the latest trends including fleece wallpapers and 3D wallpapers are eye-catching and perfect for today's style.


If wooden windows, doors, railings or pipes appear bland or simply no longer look beautiful, these can be refreshed with a nice paint finish.

Work Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
We set a meeting for us to discuss your ideas or propose ideas to you some people already know what they want others are looking for fresh ideas and we can provide those.
We can create different Portfolios to your wishes and Ideas to present to you, even making examples as to what the finished area will look like.
We design and create the room as you want it and can make changes to the portfolio at any time ensuring you are satisfied with what the end result will be every time.
We start to create your dream. From painting and decorating to ordering the furniture and constructing it.

Are you ready for your dream house?